Hand painted stainless steel and sand, site-specific installation, size vary.

World touring exhibition – shown in London, Tel Aviv, Sydney, Singapore, Berlin, Linz, Untergroningen, Seoul, Kiev, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portugal and Japan.

Blackfield is a space-specific floor installation, containing up to 27.000 steel etched flowers deriving from 19th Century Victorian encyclopaedias. The work reflects over notions such as perception and perspective, and in its delicate modesty the installation brings up powerful questions regarding life and death.

“This breathtaking installation… presents a graphically stunning opposition between Edenic and the ashen…”

Leah Ollman, ‘Critics’ Choices’, Los Angeles Times, May 10, 2009

“Zadok Ben-David mesmerising at Shoshana Wayne Gallery”

Laura Gatewood, LA Fine Arts Examiner, April 30, 2009

“…Blackfield thus blossoms from a two-dimensional still-life drawing into three-dimensional landscape,

fluttering with suggestions of life and death, paradise and cataclysm.”

Roni Feldman, ‘Blackfield’, The Magazine, August 2009

"The miniature flowers in Ben-David's work are far from Realism, each in its own right and all as an unfeasible ensemble

where plants, based on florea from different climate stand together in a harmony of displaced entities.

They form a field of dream and reflection, a place the viewer may not grasp but cannot escape"

Smadar Sheffi - Art Critic for al-Haaretz Newspaper in Tel Aviv

Photo credit - Russel Wong, Avi Hai, Meidad Sochowolsky, Gene Ogami, Rana Begum

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