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Hand cut painted aluminium, 4mm thick and sand, measurements variable

World touring exhibition – shown in Museum Beelden Aan Zee, Scheveningen (Holland); Bursan Biennale, Korea; Mystetskyi Arsenal, Kiev (Ukraine).

The site-specific installation contains 250 hand-cut aluminium sculptures of scientific drawings form 19th century encyclopaedias. The installation suggests a world frozen in time and with a sense of nostalgia and playfulness towards discovery, the installation brings up questions regarding our methods of creating scientific knowledge and our modes of describing evolution in nature.

“Shown in Museum Beeldem Aan Zee, Scheveningen, Holland.”Evolution and Theory’… artist Zadok Ben-David fashions witty and playful visual puns to construct a provocative commentary on both the romance and realities of scientific discovery. With magical realism, Ben-David managed to create an almost surrealistic fictional reality, a deceit that announce the collapse of the partition between reality and dream.” Tami Katz-Freiman, Flash Art, October 1998

Photo credit - John C Steenwinkel, Maksim Belousov

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