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Hand painted stainless steel, dia. 300 cm

The installation is one circle with two disparate sides. The three-meter form is composed of over 2,000 miniature butterflies and insects; each meticulously hand painted in bright fluorescent colours. Suspended in a darkened space, viewed only under UV light, one can bear witness to the shifts in imagery when contemplating one side versus the other.

"The whole experience makes you feel a bit like you are at a theatrical performance. Act one reveals a beautiful world full of color and promise, only to be followed by act two with its dramatic and even tragic undertones, reminding us of our own fears and mortality. Zadok often plays with metaphors of Life and Death which are symbolically revealed in The Other Side Of Midnight."
Edward Goldman - Huffington Post Review


2017    Lawrence Wilson Gallery, Perth, Australia

2015    The Art Gallery of Uzbekistan, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

2014    National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Astana, Kazakhstan

2013    Annandale Galleries, Sydney, Australia

2012    Shoshana Wayne Gallery, Los Angeles, USA

Photo credit - Murray Fredericks, Gene Ogami

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